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Here's the thing...

There’s a lot of noise around AI right now. Advancements are being made at an almost unfathomable pace. What seems groundbreaking today is being leapfrogged by next week.


How is getting on the AI train and staying relevant even possible right now? How does someone without any technical knowledge actually benefit from all of this? Here’s how:

If you have a loyal audience, you can harness the power of AI to add a revenue stream. With Coachvox AI, it’s possible to train an AI in your style, with your content and actually charge for access to your wisdom.

Why people will pay to access your AI

ChatGPT is trained on billions of pieces of information across the internet. This makes it a powerful tool, but not one without flaws. This generalized information isn’t always what your audience wants – they’re seeking your personal opinion, ideas and frameworks. In an ideal world, they have access to you. But you can’t be available to everyone and perhaps not everyone can afford your time or services.



Here’s where your AI version comes in.

Actually monetizing your AI

Monetizing your AI is super simple with Coachvox.


In your creator dashboard, you toggle on the option to charge for access. From there, you’ll connect your Stripe account, set your price and choose a billing period; either monthly or weekly.

When your audience visits your AI chat interface, they’ll sign up and be directed to subscribe to your AI via a Stripe checkout page,

Setting up to charge for access to your AI

In order to monetize your knowledge and experience there are several steps you need to take.


Train your AI model effectively: To charge for access to your AI, you can’t just lump a couple of PDFs into an AI engine and expect the world. To create a convincing AI version, you must give it your style and personality, as well as your content. Coachvox AI is designed for this very purpose.


Decide how your AI fits into your offering: The value your AI chat delivers to your audience will differ from everything else you have on offer. It’s important, therefore, to see how this interacts with the other facets of your brand or business, and which segments of your audience will go for it.


Develop a promotion or sales plan: Your AI self won’t sell itself (at least not yet!). Get absolutely clear on the value proposition of your AI. What is a customer going to gain from subscribing to your AI? Who does it help and how does it help? Then develop a strategy for building anticipation and potential subscribers. More on how to do this here.


Leverage your personal brand: Remember, the demand to access to the AI version of you is directly linked to your personal brand; how large and loyal your audience is, as well as their willingness to pay for information and guidance provided by an AI clone.

A Coachvox creator charging for access to their AI chatbot

How much should I charge?

Here’s the simple answer: it’s up to you. Our creators are charging anywhere between $9 and $46 a month for access to an AI version of them, but there are several things to consider before settling on a price.

– How much do you charge in real life, and how busy are you? If you are fully booked at your IRL price, chances are people would pay a price at the higher end of the scale to access an AI version of you. If there’s no other way of them accessing your methods in a two-way conversation, this comes down to supply and demand.

– Have you asked your audience? Some of our most successful creators ran an alpha test before deciding what to charge for their AI. They offered it for free to a small group, for a limited amount of time, before asking what they would pay. Some gave a reduced rate to those first few testers, as an extra thank you.

– What else will you include? It’s totally fine for you to offer access to your AI and that’s it. But some of our creators are including more. Exclusive invitations to private webinars, a Slack membership community, or first dibs on coaching spaces are some of the benefits that will make people want to sign up and mean you can charge more for your AI.

Creating your personal AI-powered chatbot

So the first step in this process is to create your own AI. Coachvox AI enables you to create the kind of AI you’ll be able to monetize with your audience.


Our platform walks you through the process from configuring how your AI chat looks, how it communicates and the data it uses to respond to its users. We’re also on hand to help you train and promote your AI version.


If you’ve thought about creating a custom GPT using your work, it’s a very different approach and you should see creating your Coachvox AI as an alternative solution to a GPT.

AI is technology: it's a tool

And you can use it.


There’s an understandable concern about the threat of AI to various careers, including those in the creator and knowledge economies. However, there is much about humans that society values and it’s down to the innovators to harness this new tool and take advantage.

Monetize your AI

It’s now absolutely possible for forward-thinking creatives, coaches and thought-leaders to create a new revenue stream with their AI. With thoughtful styling and data upload, you can develop an engaging, valuable tool that definitely won’t replace you, but will help you make more impact, for more people, without being busier.


This could be the perfect solution for your audience, who build familiarity with your work and brand before signing up for more of what you offer.


Check out the top Coachvox AI creators that have built their AI chatbots for a range of benefits, including charging for access.

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Yes, we make this quick and easy to set up through your My AI panel.

Simply toggle on the ‘charge for access’ setting, connect your Stripe account, name your product and set your price.

Clients will enter their details to sign up to your AI and then be directed to Stripe, which will detail the subscription details. Once completed, they’ll see the chat interface and can begin their session.

You can choose to charge any amount you like on a weekly or monthly basis.

We don’t have the option in place to do this currently and it may not be the best approach as you could lose out on potential revenue!

Yes, fees are 2.9% for Stripe and 10% for Coachvox on each transaction. It’s proportional so you earn more the more you charge.

It’s simpler to use your existing Stripe account, but you can use a different one if you wish. When you click ‘Connect Stripe’ under ‘Access settings’, Stripe will ask you to enter an email address. You can use the email connected to the Stripe account used for your monthly Coachvox subscription. You could input an email connected to another existing Stripe account. Or, you can use a different email and create a new Stripe account.

You can configure your business’s tax settings in your Stripe account dashboard. Your clients have the option to add a tax ID number to their account via their Stripe customer portal.

Your clients will be able to view and download their invoices and receipts in their Stripe customer portal.