Coachvox AI reviews and feedback

Hear from creators and the real people that use their AIs

We can tell you how great Coachvox AI is all day long, but you want to hear from those creators actually using the platform. Not only that, but what do those who are interacting with the Coachvox AI models think about them?


The examples below explain who is using the platform and how. Let’s get started!

Marketing pro with popular podcast adds new revenue stream

Over a ten year period, Rick built a 7-figure online coaching business and grew a podcast to 12million+ downloads. He’s now helping business owners integrate AI into their operations.

What Rick’s clients say:

“It’s much better than the answers I get from ChatGPT”

“I really love it. It gave me such valuable advice, and was thorough, intelligent, and comprehensive in its answers.”

“It just gives ideas that we can run with in seconds… amazing!”

Coach to high-powered entrepreneurs saves 5+ hours/week

Rose Radford is a successful business coach that helps female founders make their first $1million. Her community of clients ask questions within a private Facebook group. Rose’s AI is the perfect way to add value to clients and save hours each week.

“My audience love RoseBot! They jumped on it so quickly. They are asking

the questions they normally ask in the group and getting answers faster,

even when I’m not online.”

“It’s an absolute gamechanger for my business.”

Property influencer builds rapport with podcast listeners

Rob Dix is a successful property investor, Sunday Times bestselling author and the co-host (with another Rob!) of a leading property podcast. He’s inundated with questions from listeners and uses Coachvox AI to engage with his audience and collect email addresses.

“Our Coachvox AI lets us show up and help people at scale, so we reap the

benefits without needing to spend additional time.”

Marketing consultancy generates & qualifies leads

Data Driven Marketing helps course creators 2-5x their revenue with funnel optimization and strategic marketing moves. They built Josip AI, based on their operations manager, to engage and nurture leads from visitors to their website.

“Josip AI collects email addresses and can actually profile our prospects before we decide to reach out. It’s delivering insane value.”

Relationship & trauma coach clones self to make impact 24/7

Applying the fields of psychology, behavioural science and trauma to relationships and life, Stefanos Sifandos is a sought-after coach who creates profound change for his clients. 

“Not everyone is resourced to work with me. I saw creating my Coachvox AI as an opportunity to provide more support to clients, whenever they need it. StefGPT offers a new perspective that can support them moving out of challenge, confusion or difficulty.”

“My clients love it! The AI helps them with life, relationships, purpose, feeling stuck and problem solving, just like I would.”

Prominent astrologer and life expert scales to infinity and changes lives

Alice Inoue is an astrologer, author, and life guide from Hawaii. Her books, 1-to-1 sessions and private paid community guide clients through life, self-growth and happiness. Alice’s AI now answers questions and gives guidance based on Alice’s work, including nine books.

“Training the model was so exciting as AliceAI got better and better as we went along. I wanted to create an AI clone because I really wanted something that could assist me in helping my clients save time from having to look through all my books or videos for the answer they are seeking. AliceAI is able to find it on behalf of me and deliver the information as if I had said it myself – and even a little better.”

AI founder scales custom advice to infinity and generates qualified leads

Chris Katzinski is an experienced AI consultant who helps clients streamline and scale their business with artificial intelligence. Chris AI talks to clients about their requirements and hands them to the real Chris for implementation.

“With Chris AI I can provide custom advice at scale. With every interaction I not only generate leads, I get real-time feedback on the challenges companies are facing.”
“Being an advocate for AI in business and having an AI version of me to amplify this message is the ultimate synergy! Both Chris AI and myself are constantly learning and adapting to provide the best advice and support.”

Prominent health coach leverages AI to help busy people have better habits

Lauren “Loz” Antonenko is a healthy habits coach, committed to transforming lives and helping people breathe, hydrate, sleep, eat and move better. Loz built systems so clients go from stuck to unstuck to unstoppable, and LozBot guides clients through her proven methods.

“I’m on a mission to change the lives of millions and LozBot helps me do this without burning out myself. My AI provides the accountability that clients need to keep going, even when I’m not available. It definitely passes the Turing test!”

Fantasy author adds value to readers with AI version of main character

Fox Keyes has lived in the Dunari since he was tricked into passing through an inter-dimensional gateway just after his fourteenth birthday. Now thirty years have passed and he’s logging his experiences. The author of this fictional universe created Fox AI for readers to immerse themselves in his fantasy realm.

“Fox AI provides the perfect platform for my audience to interact with Fox and learn more about his adventures in the World of Dunari. It is an absolute joy for me to give Fox a louder voice in this way. After all, it can get lonely in another dimension. Fox AI also brings a new and exciting dimension to the character creation, storytelling, and world building concept. My audience loves it.”

Bestselling author and productivity expert builds database of engaged subscribers

Graham Allcott is a thought-leader, entrepreneur, author, speaker and podcaster. He is the author of five books, including global bestseller How to be a Productivity Ninja, and host of the Beyond Busy podcast.

LinkedIn influencer and marketing pro critiques social media content using her AI

Lara Acosta built a 95,000-person audience on LinkedIn and coaches entrepreneurs on how to do the same. She trained Lara AI to roast LinkedIn posts as well as offer tips and guidance on profile setup and strategy.

“Since building a personal brand, more people want to work with me than I have time to help. But my community is important to me. I cannot respond to every single question, but Lara AI helps me reach as many people as possible at an accessible price, immediately.”

AI leadership coach helps people have difficult conversations and get unstuck

Julia Heatherwick is an experienced executive coach, helping senior leaders at global firms to better lead their teams and grow their companies. Julia made Julia AI available to her clients and prospects, to add value and build familiarity with her methods when she’s not available for a session.

“By capturing my coaching essence and expertise into an accessible AI tool, I strengthen my client relationships and showcase the power of my brand of coaching. Thanks to Coachvox’s outstanding AI customization technology and ongoing hands-on support, I can now democratize access to top-notch leadership coaching around the clock.”