Why your AI is better than ChatGPT

Can you train an AI to be better than ChatGPT? Here’s what you need to know.

“It’s much better than the answers I get from ChatGPT”


That’s one of the reviews received for Rick’s AI, created with Coachvox AI. But you might be wondering, “how”? How is it possible to better the most popular LLM in the world?

The secret lies in the value your AI model can deliver to your audience, specifically.

Your audience wants to hear from you

Large language models (LLMs) like ChatGPT, Claude and Bard are trained using an almost incomprehensible amount of information. This is what makes their knowledge and ability to respond to almost any request so mind-bogglingly impressive.


But there is a downside.


The responses given are based on aggregate information; sort of like an average of the knowledge of the internet. This can make the information, advice and guidance provided generic and impersonal. After all, a camel is a horse designed by a committee.

Your world view matters

If you have clients, a network or an audience, those individuals are interested in what you have to say. Even if your knowledge could be matched by an omnipotent AI, your opinion and personal experiences hold huge value. In fact, this is why a personal AI chatbot is a powerful brand building tool.


If you have any doubts about this, think about the popular individuals and brands in both traditional and social media. They are opinionated. With information as a commodity becoming hyper-inflated, how you frame and apply that information is what differentiates you.

Personalised guidance beats generic information

Even if you’ve written 30 books about your life and business, covering every inch of your knowledge, skills and experience, people still want to talk to you. Every one of your audience members is on a personal journey, in a unique circumstance.


How your life’s work applies to those specific use cases is impossible to distill without having a deep understanding of both an individual’s situation and, of course, all the nuances of your expertise. Knowing your AI has been trained and tailored for them, your audience will revere it.


If you are a writer, find out how to turn your book into an AI chatbot or do the same for your course.

A unique, creating visualisation of a humanoid AI superior to ChatGPT

Your AI is a specialist

The trouble with knowing everything is having to scour massive amounts of data for the answers. This is what ChatGPT has to do every time someone interacts with it. This is what leads to general responses and hallucinations at times. Whilst the tool is truly phenomenal, you can take it a step further with Coachvox AI by adding a database of your information that takes precedence over general information.


Your AI is prepared for the right questions too. You know what your audience is likely to ask – this is why they’re here! This means you train the AI to respond on topics your audience wants to know about.

So how do you train an AI model to outperform ChatGPT for your audience’s needs?

Enter Coachvox AI

We developed Coachvox AI to give creators and thought-leaders flexibility when training their AI – the power to make a GPT better than ChatGPT.


Lifelike personality

To really buy in to what an AI model is saying to you, you need to feel the person who trained it behind the model. The Coachvox AI training process provides creators several ways to inject their personality and style into the words their GPT generates.


Intuitive and effective training

The Coachvox AI technology enables the effective training of your AI model, meaning you can get your model up to speed in a matter of minutes, using your data and conversing in your style.


Support and onboarding

Training an AI isn’t as simple as uploading a few documents. If it was, everyone would have their very own GPT already. For an AI model to be truly useful to its users, it needs work. This is where the Coachvox AI training resources come in; helping you generate a valuable model in no time.

What about Custom GPTs?

OpenAI’s custom GPTs enable users to create a modified version of the base ChatGPT. In theory, this could include prompting the custom GPT to behave like a coach, but results in practice don’t prove to be better than the baseline ChatGPT. Therefore, Coachvox AI stands up as a better alternative to Custom GPTs for creators.

Your own AI is better than ChatGPT

When trained effectively, your Coachvox AI will be hugely effective at responding to your audience’s specific queries using your content and knowledge. Not only that, it will coach or mentor them through challenges in your exact style. For your audience, this is a marked difference from their experience with ChatGPT.


Your AI can engage with your audience on different level to ChatGPT, with the flexibility to be far more specialised and personality-driven. But don’t take our word for it – try it yourself with our free trial.