Promoting your Coachvox AI

How to get your AI model collecting leads and adding value to your audience.

Welcome to our workshop all about promoting your Coachvox AI.


In this video, Coachvox AI founder, Jodie, will explain some of the most powerful methods for getting your AI model out there and creating a buzz.

Here’s the information as promised 🙂


Website page:

AI business coach



Disclaimer: Jodie AI is an artificially intelligent model and not a real person. We cannot be held responsible for any advice given. Please exercise due caution. 😊


Email nurture sequence structure:

  • Announcement (new and exciting)
  • How to use it (examples of topics)
  • “Free, 24/7 access to my brain”
  • Benefits of working with AI coach
    • No judgment
    • No cost
    • Always available
  • Call to action for signing up


Receive the other example emails by signing up to Jodie AI here.


Create titles for press outreach by using this prompt in ChatGPT:


“I have a business that uses AI to coach people. Give me 10 headlines that could help my company go viral. (For example, “I let an AI be my fitness coach for 30 days and lost 10lbs”).


Use this feedback to create the headlines [insert feedback quotes]”


There’s a more in-depth look at generating press from your AI clone here.


Typeforms for setting up the trial:


AI coaching register interest
Check in form

Post AI coaching email:


Hey _____, thanks for checking in with _____ AI.


I wanted to ask some post-coaching questions if that’s okay 🙂 we’re putting some press information together. Here they are:


1. I have copied the information from your intake form below. Can you comment on any changes in your business since then? Specifically, if you have achieved the goals you said you wanted to achieve back at the start of _____.


2. I have copied the information from your check-ins below, where you said the advice was “very useful.” Can you add any more sentences about what _____ AI helped you understand, see or do?


3. Can you add any other general comments about having an AI coach? Maybe anything unexpected, any side benefits, anything at all you noticed?

Many thanks!


Questions to ask your audience:


“I’m creating _____ AI! What would you ask it?”
“What might you ask my AI that you wouldn’t ask me?”
“I’m running an ask me anything…”


Social media questions:

“Would you take the advice of an AI ____ coach?”
“I’m writing a feature / collecting answers for ___.”


Tweets with training gifs:

It’s also key that you’re able to keep up the momentum from your promotion. Here’s how you can keep your audience returning to your AI coach:

You can read the transcript here.