About us

Meet the people behind Coachvox AI

We make artificially intelligent coaches based on real people: creators, thought leaders, authors, and entrepreneurs.


Our creators are prominent in their respective fields and they have an audience who want to hear from them. But they are busy people and they don’t want to be busier. How we use artificial intelligence removes the need for their time entirely. They don’t need to keep producing content. They’ve already done the hard work, now they get the rewards.


Our mission is simple: we make work you have already done make more impact.

Who is Coachvox AI for?

Our platform is for creators with content that helps people. We enable thought-leaders, authors, speakers and coaches to take control of their personal brand and benefit from their content. 

We help them become better known by their audience without it taking up more of their time. We help them generate leads, add more value, and stay relevant.

For our creators, Coachvox AI answers these questions:

How can my content make more impact?
How can I help people without being busier?
How can I do more without building a bigger team?

Coachvox AI rewards creators who have been writing, recording and producing for years, who can earn more and make more impact simply by leveraging work they have already done. 

Now they can be everywhere at once, without being limited by time or energy. They can scale themselves to infinity.

Why would I create an AI version of me?

Most creators leverage AI at surface level. They’re using various AI tools to write blogs and create images, not to completely transform how they work.


But if they don’t take action, creators lose. Their work has already been used to train large language models, without their permission and without remuneration.


We’re on the side of creators, making sure they benefit from their work.

Anyone can prompt ChatGPT to be their personal AI coach, for business, health or lifestyle. But people don’t want generic advice. They want advice from you. They want your wisdom, experience and world view. They want to apply your methods, not those created from the collective knowledge of the internet.


If you’ve been creating content for a while, you’re perfectly placed to create an AI coach version of you.


Anyone can upload their content and make a chatbot. But that’s not what Coachvox AI is. Chatbots are generic and annoying. They don’t understand nuance and they often give the wrong answer. When faced with a chatbot your heart sinks. This is different.


Your Coachvox AI takes your work further and brings it to life. It transforms into a conversational AI that coaches, mentors and answers questions just like you would.


Not a generic coach, not a generic chatbot. 

One day, we’ll all have an AI coach. In fact, we’ll have several. The technology is only going to improve and it’s only going to become more normal. Will you have made yours before the bandwagon arrives?

Who created Coachvox AI?

Dreamt up by Jodie and Ben and built into reality by a talented team of developers, we built Coachvox AI to solve the first principles problem of helping people succeed with better guidance.

The company started out as a platform for business coaching by voice note, and we began creating AI coach versions of thought leaders in early 2023.



We built Jodie AI, our AI business coach prototype, so entrepreneurs can get coached by her for free.


We’re on a mission to bring relevant advice from relevant people to everyone that wants it, 24/7.



As a team, we love self-development, entrepreneurship and prompting. We spend all our time making the technology work for our creators, so they can’t imagine life without us.