Got questions about Coachvox AI? No worries. Find our FAQs and answers below.


AI is essentially computer software programmed in such a way that it can perform tasks like a human. In Coachvox AI’s case, we’re training a model to be just like you, so it can converse with your knowledge and in your style, to your clients, team and audience.
It’s you, scaled to infinity.

We work with influential entrepreneurs, coaches and content creators to build an AI version of them that they can use to help infinitely more clients and audience members, 24/7. Most of these individuals have existing content, whether that’s books, articles, podcasts, videos, courses or FAQs, and this is used to train their AI.

There are a whole host of benefits to cloning yourself with Coachvox AI. The first is that you (and by this we mean your cloned, AI-based version) can answer questions and provide information without actually being present.


This means that your clients, team members and wider audience can get the answers and support they need without you spending any additional time to provide it. This builds familiarity, adds value, and can help you generate leads.


There may be obvious value from your clients, team members and audience chatting away to an AI version you, or you might want to charge for access, or provide it as an upsell within an existing programme you run. 

You can have your AI model set up in a matter of minutes. Upload your avatar, choose your font and set your brand colours and it’s ready to start collecting leads and engaging with your audience. Then it’s simply a matter of uploading content and training your AI so it engages like you.

The training rooms are designed to create a client-ready AI version of you as quickly as possible. We have a video on how long it takes to create your AI.


You can get your AI to a reasonable stylistic resemblance almost straight away, then upload content, chat to the model and decide how much more training material it needs to be client-ready.


Just like a human, your Coachvox AI improves with training. Uploading quality content and giving feedback on its initial responses will improve it very quickly too.

The training rooms are where you train your Coachvox AI to be just like you. They have simple sliders and places to upload your content. In training room 6 you chat with your AI and prepare it for launching to your audience.

Most of the training process is straightforward and requires no preparation. You’ll be able to complete it within the training rooms.


The part that requires more work is entering training data; the information your AI model uses to interact with clients. How much work, time and effort this requires to gather depends on the content you already have.


The training process will be easiest if:


– Your files are organised. So you know where they are on your computer ready to upload.
– Your documents contain clear and concise information. For example, an FAQs document, ebooks, course material without complex formatting, plus actionable articles or blogs.
– You simplify complex content. For example, processing podcast transcripts before uploading, using ChatGPT. We have guidance on how to do this here.


This will be a great starting point for formatting training data that ensures your AI version is an excellent tool.


If you want your AI to act as a lead magnet, you can do this with Coachvox AI. A paid ChatGPT subscription is not required for someone to engage with your Coachvox AI, as with your GPT.



If you want your AI to sit inside our membership group, or behind a paywall where you charge people for access to the AI version of you, you can do this with Coachvox AI. You can’t embed custom GPTs on your site.


Customizable style

You can design the chat interface of your Coachvox AI to match your brand. Specify its name, select two colours and a font. Upload an avatar of your choosing, then embed the chat on a page of your choosing. GPTs let you add an avatar and a name.


Protecting your material

When you upload your data to Coachvox AI we simply use it to create AI training material. When you create a custom GPT, your knowledge documents can be accessed by users of your GPT, who can also see the custom instructions you used to build it, if they ask in the right way. (If you ask a Coachvox AI the same thing, it will coach you instead!)


Collect email addresses

In order for someone to engage with your Coachvox AI they enter their email address. Within your Coachvox AI dashboard you can see and export the names and email addresses of everyone that has interacted with your AI. This is not possible with OpenAI’s custom GPTs.


See transcripts and summaries

Within your Coachvox AI dashboard, you can see summaries and transcripts of every conversation your AI has had with a member of your audience. This is not a feature of OpenAI’s custom GPTs.

There are two things you can do to optimise the training process:


1) Define your approach. Think about what style of coach or mentor you would like your Coachvox AI to be. Get an idea of the tone, voice and personality you’d like to portray. This is information that we’ll use to train your AI.


2. Compile your content. Gather as much of your content as you can. Find interviews, podcast episodes and articles for your words of wisdom and answers to questions that your clients or audience might ask you.


As soon as you’re inside the training rooms, it will be clear where to add all of this information.

You don’t need any specialist knowledge or coding skills to train your AI. The training rooms will guide you through the process and tell you what’s required. 

Within the training room we assign a readiness score, that relates to how ready your AI is to represent your style and knowledge. Remember, the more you train your AI the better it will be, but it will likely never be absolutely perfect. Once you’ve completed basic training, you’ll run some tests to ascertain proficiency and decide if it’s client-ready. We will advise, but only you can decide!

Yes. Your AI will answer questions in the language it’s asked, as long as that language is supported. Most commonly spoken languages work and you can always check by talking to Jodie AI. If you’ve trained it in English, but it has questions in Dutch, for example, it will reply in Dutch but based from translations of your English training data.


You can train your AI model in other languages too, although whenever it’s responding in a language it’s not been trained in, it might not respond exactly like you would due to the translation.

Absolutely. As an entrepreneur, author or content creator, you might want to ask your AI to inform journalists, create social media posts or even write keynotes based on your information. Within the training room, you can specify the extent to which your AI should rely solely on your content.

Coachvox AI combines multiple APIs to create the most life-like AI coach possible. The core AI engine we use is OpenAI and we have developed a layer of logic and workflows on top; our cognitive engine.


We also build a database of your information and compile profiles on every client that interacts with your AI. The result is a highly advanced dialogue between your AI model and each client. We’ve also built an intuitive interface to supercharge the training process.

You own the copyright of your published books and any applicable articles or content that you use to train your AI. All the data you enter into the training rooms remains your intellectual property, you simply grant us permission to use it in your model.


As with any AI system, the copyright of novel content produced by Coachvox AI is owned by Coachvox Limited. We grant you, and only you, the right to use this copyrighted material as you wish, without restriction. If the content produced uses your inputs directly, i.e. your own intellectual creation, you will still own that copyright.

No, your model is completely discreet. The information you provide during training is used only for your model and is not used to instruct or develop any other Coachvox AI model.


We may use your training data to help improve our processes and how we develop our technology or infrastructure to continue to make Coachvox AI a better product.

Most AI language tools can be trained to deliver information in a certain tone and style, but the information they use is not unique to you.

Coachvox AI is far more complex. Rather than simply delivering information in your tone and style, your AI delivers information from your knowledge and content. Our training rooms and comprehensive setup walk you through this process, so you can create something that’s actually useful and not simply a novelty.

Your AI is trained using your words and inputs, so it’s unlikely to say something totally random. We have internal guidelines that prevent the AI saying anything against our policies.


On top of this, users are made fully aware that your AI is not you and that you’re not responsible for what it says or recommends. You should also feel free to add additional disclaimers to suit your needs.

In your Coachvox AI dashboard you’ll see usage, including email addresses collected, questions answered, words generated and the time you have saved as your AI has interacted on your behalf.

There are several ways to integrate your AI. We provide an embed code to place the tool on a webpage or web app of your choosing. This includes any data capture or subscriber-only elements.

Absolutely! Coachvox has built-in charge for access functionality via Stripe Connect so you can directly monetize your AI chat. You can charge a weekly or monthly subscription or a one-off fee, it’s up to you.

Your AI is trained as a single model that you can integrate or embed in various places and use in different capacities. If you want to train a second model, simply create a new Coachvox AI account.

Yes. Each Coachvox AI is the official AI of a real person unless otherwise stated. That real person has personally trained their AI, providing their unique and copyrighted material for the purposes of coaching and mentoring clients based on their knowledge and style.

While unofficial AI versions of people may exist, if you see that someone has a Coachvox AI clone, you know that it has been personally trained by them. This makes each Coachvox AI the most accurate and useful representation of the influential entrepreneur, thought-leader or coach on which it is based.

We understand that circumstances change and you may wish to cancel your subscription with Coachvox AI.


If you wish to cancel, please send an email to [email protected]. Upon receiving your request, we will process the cancellation as soon as possible.


View our full cancellation and refunds policy here.