How can I use my Coachvox AI?

If you’re thinking about creating your Coachvox AI version or have already started, you might be wondering exactly what you can do with it. Let’s take a look.

Coachvox AI enables influential coaches and entrepreneurs to clone themselves using artificial intelligence. Once trained, their AI version is able to talk to users via a chat screen, answering questions and providing coaching or guidance in the style of the creator.


So why might you wan to create an AI coach?

Why create an AI coach

Coachvox AI is not your average AI coaching tool. The platform goes beyond being just another “chatbot”. Instead, it offers a unique proposition – the ability for coaches to clone themselves. This is powerful conversational AI, trained on your content, embodying your coaching style, and sharing your expertise. It’s truly revolutionary technology. But what to do with it?


You might already have ideas for how you can use your Coachvox AI version, and it may depend on the type of professional you are or business you have, but here’s the list of our favourites.

A compelling lead-magnet

Collecting names and email addresses is still a powerful sales strategy. Email marketing works. Increasingly, however, it’s becoming harder to convince someone to exchange their details for something. Creating an ebook or programme for someone to download is time-consuming and these documents quickly become dated, especially if you’re someone who is always upgrading your thinking and creating new material.


An interactive, engaging AI chatbot is a very effective way to collect email addresses. Sure, there’s a novelty factor at play, but people are also intrigued as to how life-like your AI is, and what wisdom it may hold for them.


Documents and downloads are forms of one-way communication. They can’t engage with your audience the way an AI version of you can. Your AI offers a whole different experience, far more likely to win an email address and a fan for life.

Build relationships

The most influential and powerful individuals in an industry are those that can effectively communicate via one-to-many media. They’re social media influencers, podcasters and authors. Every day, thousands of people are consuming their thoughts, words and methodologies without that creator doing any additional work. It’s all been recorded, edited and published in advance, but they benefit from its impact forever.


These individuals are creating powerful relationships with their audience. Their audience trusts them, refers them and buys from them. If even general content can have this effect, imagine what a personalised, specific and super-helpful AI can do for your audience relationships. An AI chatbot, trained by you, that interacts with people on an individual basis has three benefits:


– One-to-many communication; getting your message out there

– Personalised responses that are genuinely useful for individuals

– Builds a two-way relationship that feels real to people

A depiction of a coach using Coachvox AI to make money

Answer questions in a community

If you have a community or membership organization, chances are those members have questions for you. Many of those questions you’ll have answered many times before and maybe you struggle to respond to everyone that has something to ask.


Either way, it’s taking up your time or that of your assistant or PA. Having an AI version of you that’s trained to answer these questions and be helpful for members is both a massive time-saver and a value-add.

Hybrid AI coaching for clients

If you’re a coach or mentor, giving clients access to your AI self helps them stay on track. This kind of AI-assisted coaching is an excellent way to provide little course corrects for clients in between live sessions.


When fully trained, your AI will ask questions and offer guidance based on your style and content. These interventions, likely to be small but frequent, will be highly beneficial for clients and represents another value-add.

One of our creators created an AI version of her; an AI LinkedIn coach. Cohort clients get feedback from Lara AI in addition to support in real life.

Differentiate yourself

Artificial intelligence is a hot topic and will continue to be for several years to come. However, few people are really using AI to its full potential. Gimmicky tools are all over the place. People making themselves into cartoons is old news. But having a highly-trained, personalised and, above all, useful chatbot is far from commonplace.


Right now, you could be the first individual in your industry to have an AI version of themselves. It’s the perfect way to position yourself as an expert, thought-leader or right on the cutting edge of technology.

Add a revenue stream

Even if the world isn’t yet ready to pay for AI coaches, one day it will be. Some day in the future, hiring an AI coach for business, fitness, or any other area of personal development will be totally normal.


Perhaps your audience is ready to pay for an AI version of you right now. If that’s the case, you can host your Coachvox AI behind a subscription paywall, and charge per month for access. They can chatter away to their heart’s content, at any time of day or night, having their problems neatly solved with the help of your expertise.

It's great shareable content

Further to the above point, what’s newsworthy is shareable. Finding original and interesting content is a grind, especially when you’re just trying to focus on running a business. Creating an AI version of yourself is inherently engaging and a powerful personal branding tool.


Not only does the AI chat itself give you something to share on your social channels, but you can share testimonials of the people who have used it and benefitted. The call to action is simple. “My AI helped this person achieve these results, see what it can do for you.” New and existing audience members will be raring to find out.

Personal assistance

There are also several in-house uses for your AI coach version, to empower your team in making decisions or simply to use as your own assistant. Because your AI is trained in your content, ideas, way of thinking and way of speaking, everything it comes up with is super relevant for you.


It can help you save time responding to emails, for example. Simply paste the query into the chat and use what your AI comes up with. Likewise, you can use it to create content such as tweets or LinkedIn updates.


You can also use your AI to come up with ideas, make better decisions, or coach more effectively by using it for a second opinion.

Create your own Coachvox AI

With Coachvox AI you can create an AI version of yourself that coaches and mentors just like you would. Perhaps even better!


Trained as a coach, your AI will ask questions you might not have thought about, and its responses will be based on your own principles and methods.