The benefits of an AI coach

Unsure whether or not an AI coach can help you develop? Let’s see all the ways it could.


The future is coming and everything is changing. What once sounded ridiculous is now common practice. Until now, coaches have been human. Once upon a time they met you in person, they held space, listened carefully and asked questions to help you discover the right path.


Next, they met you online. They appeared on screens and you confided in them. You shared your challenges and your worries and they shared their wisdom from possibly thousands of miles away or asynchronously.


Now, there are AI coaches. They’re based on real coaches, but they’re generated by AI. They say what they would say, they ask the same questions and they use the same knowledge, but the person the other side of the screen isn’t an actual human.

Why use an AI coach?

This concept sounds crazy until you realise it makes a lot of sense. Here are just some of the benefits of having an AI coach:

Your AI coach remembers everything you’ve told them. There’s not need to repeat issues or problems, your AI coach knows it all. They might even remind you of things you’ve forgotten.


It spots patterns. In part due to its everlasting memory, the AI coach is able to sort through messages and find patterns on a deeper level than a human coach.


It won’t judge. You can tell your AI coach anything. Maybe something personal has happened, maybe you’ve made a mistake that you’re uncomfortable sharing for fear of judgement. There’s no judgment with an AI coach and the messages you send are kept private.

They’re always available. An AI coach doesn’t sleep or take holidays and they are always on your time zone. Whenever challenges arise or inspiration strikes, you can reach them. No need to message to arrange a call and wait until they are ready, just hop on and start speaking your mind straight away.


Have more frequent interactions. Coaching can be more effective when done in smaller doses, more frequently. With an AI coach, it’s possible to get assistance every day, maybe multiple times per day. You don’t need to wait for your next coaching call to discuss an issue.


They won’t cancel on you or turn up late, tired, or overwhelmed with work. You’re their top priority and they’re always on top of their game.


You don’t have to put up a front. If, for whatever reason you’re not your best self, your AI coach doesn’t care. You don’t need to put a shirt on, be polite or diplomatic, just tell it as it is.


It’s cheaper. AI coaching isn’t $5000 per month or $500 an hour (not yet, anyway!). AI coaches can be accessed for free or a flat monthly fee and you can chat to them to your heart’s content. You won’t need to watch the clock or worry about cancellation fees if you don’t show up one day. 


You don’t feel guilty for taking their time. They’re not billing by the hour, they don’t have to rush off and pick up their kids. They’re here for you as long as you need them.


You can ask stupid questions. Ever held back from asking a question you should know the answer to? An AI coach won’t judge you so ask away and feel free to go right back to basics.


They are truly impartial. They have no allegiances or partnerships with affiliate schemes. They’re not trying to lead you down any path based on their preconceptions of you or what they think you should do.

You can use all their knowledge. An AI coach pulls data from a huge database of unique information and training. If it’s a Coachvox AI coach, it will be trained and perfected by the individual it’s based upon. It can draw on all of this information in an instant. Its knowledge base may also be bolstered by the information on the internet. This means an AI coach is vastly more knowledgeable than a human coach.


Your secrets are safe. No one will be told about your challenges, you won’t appear in any testimonials. Your client notes won’t be left open on the train. No human error will occur with your personal information, it’s only used to benefit you.

You can still have a human coach! There’s no reason you can’t have the best of both worlds. Combining a traditional human coach with an AI coach could be perfect for you. This way you can common sense check what your AI coach is suggesting with your traditional coach and vice versa. This could be speaking with a coach on a weekly or monthly call or an async voice note coach.

When and how often should I use an AI coach?

The 24/7 availability of an AI coach means you can access help and guidance whenever you need or want. Regular course-corrects are incredibly useful to ensure you stay on the right path, so daily interactions might be useful.


It’s important to interact with your AI coach in the right way – not looking for all the answers but seeking guidance. A well-trained AI coach will ask questions and guide you to the right conclusion, something you might have known all along.

How can an AI coach help me?

If trained effectively, your AI coach will help you make the right decisions and take appropriate action. It does this in the same way as a real coach, by listening to your questions, issues or ideas, and probing further to provide the appropriate guidance for you.


The AI coach will dig into your goals, priorities and values to understand where you’re coming from. It will also explore the root cause of a challenge or help you reframe a situation. An AI coach based on a real person will be trained on their data, frameworks and coaching style, so choosing a coach whose work resonates with you is important.

What kind of AI coach should I use?

Always seek guidance from those that have achieved what you want to achieve, either first hand or through their clients. Your AI coach should be known for achieving specific goals for their clients or prominent in a specific industry, for example, an AI business coach, relationship coach or health coach. That way, they’ll be trained with far more specific data, and more likely to provide useful guidance.


AI coaches that have been programmed and trained by the coach themselves will be authentic in their knowledge base, experience and techniques. With this in mind, find an AI coach that is based on a real-life coach with a relevant right track record and a style that suits you.


There are, of course, some cons with using an AI coach. Maybe at first the experience will feel impersonal, you’ll miss the human connection and not feel motivated to chat to them. You might question they’ll have enough creativity in their answers. You might not be convinced they could come up with profound or novel ideas in the moment like a human could.

Be your own AI coach

With Coachvox AI you can create an AI coach based on you.


This AI version of you can help with ideas, email content and coach your clients or coach you! Your AI coach will ask you questions you might not have thought about, and its responses will be based on your own principles. You coaching yourself, with the power of artificial intelligence.