Create an AI version of yourself generate leads and engage with your audience

Clone yourself with AI trained on your content and style.

Coach and mentor your audience, add value to your clients and empower your team.

👋 Here’s an example, I cloned myself! Check it out ➡️ ➡️ ➡️


~ Jodie Cook, mentor and Coachvox AI founder

Here’s an example, I cloned myself! Check it out ⬇️ ⬇️ ⬇️


~ Jodie Cook, mentor and Coachvox AI founder

“It’s actually useful! I can go away and think, come back and message, then get an instant response. It’s the best of both worlds of coaching.”

~ Client of Jodie AI

Your Coachvox AI can:

✅ Turn website visitors into leads

✅ Provide 24/7 support to clients

✅ Answer questions within your community

✅ Build familiarity with your audience

Here's how

Take a look at what Coachvox does (in just over two minutes):

Anyone can build a chatbot:
Thought leaders build a Coachvox

No one wants to talk to a chatbot. But your audience want to get coached by an AI version of you. The ultimate AI marketing tool for creators and entrepreneurs, your Coachvox AI offers a personalized, interactive experience because it’s trained on your unique content, in your unique style.


Keep your audience engaged by putting the focus on them, while collecting valuable insights. Webinars, books and free downloads cannot compete.

Clone yourself with AI

Provide 24/7 access to your brain:

Add value to your audience

Charge for access

Generate leads

Upsell to clients or members

Help answer team questions or emails

Image of Jodie AI, an AI clone of a coach

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Why choose Coachvox AI

Coachvox AI

What you get
  • An AI with real personality
  • Advanced conversational ability
  • Access to client transcripts
  • Option to charge for access
  • Access to our creator community
  • Unlimited async support

Other tools

What to expect
  • Generic sounding AI
  • Basically a search engine
  • Can't see transcripts
  • Can't charge for access
  • No guidance in maximizing your ROI
  • Patchy support
  • Ineffective data upload

See how creators are using Coachvox AI

“It’s an absolute gamechanger for my business.”

Join a community built for creators

We’re an ambitious group using AI versions of ourselves to scale.

You’ll get:


Peer to peer support
Help from the founders
Press features (think Forbes, BBC, Daily Mail)
Willing alpha testers (for your AI)
Co-create our platform


(All included with your creator account)

The Coachvox AI community for creators building AI clones

More than a chatbot: fully customizable AI

Add value

Bring huge value to your clients with an AI coaching experience they love

Capture data

Build your email list, nurture leads, and understand what your audience want


Build familiarity with infinitely more people, on a hyper-personalised level

Integrate seamlessly

Embed or link your Coachvox AI wherever it's most powerful for you

Make sales

Turns prospects into customers with upsell links and relevant calls to action

Support your team

Empower team members to improve productivity while minimizing questions

I don’t have to navigate time zones to set up zoom calls with a coach. Help is always available, right when I need it. I can then get straight back to work instead of waiting for my next coaching call.
Yamile Yemoonyah
Spirit guide medium
It's like seeing the future! Being able to get the input of a coach 24/7, when it suits me or when I have questions is awesome. It gave me useful prompts and answers and I could genuinely feel the real Jodie behind the responses I got.
Noel Andrews
I was expecting to be fed some generic answers about my problems but instead I was asked questions that helped me think through the problem and find my own answer, which was a surprisingly rewarding experience.
Dom Wells

How creating an AI of yourself works

Step 1

Set your voice, tone and style

Set the style sliders so the system quickly learns your unique way of engaging. Now we're up and running!

Step 2

Conversational flow

Incorporate the words you use with your audience, including how you greet them and react to their news.

Step 3

Framing and onboarding

Decide how your AI best serves your audience using your coaching style and content.

Step 4

Expertise and knowledge base

Upload your content and populate your knowledge bank, which is transformed into AI training material.

Step 5

Prompts and completions

Fundamental to the AI training, here's where your AI holds its unique content, exclusive to your model.

Step 6

Fine tuning and feedback

Your Coachvox AI is conversationally proficient and almost ready. Here's where you make the final touches.

Use cases for Coachvox AI

The world is ready for AI coaching

Be one of the first to offer it

It's really cool to feel like you can ask something that maybe you should already know and get ideas when you might not feel comfortable asking a person because it seems like a silly question.
Seonaid B
Seonaid Beckworth
Perfect English Grammar
It’s actually useful! I can go away and think, come back and message, then get an instant response. It’s the best of both worlds of coaching.
John Ainsworth
Data Driven Marketing
She asked me a lot of probing questions which was cool because you do that. I also asked about challenges that I have asked you about before, and she responded with the same questions that you did.
Briony McKenzie
I was impressed with what came back, especially the tone used by the AI. I felt like I was really chatting with you. The responses were definitely crafted using a coaching mindset.
François Magny
Executive coach