Create an AI version of yourself coach, mentor and answer questions just like you would

Clone yourself with AI trained on your content and style.

Build familiarity with your audience, add value to your clients and empower your team.

πŸ‘‹ Here’s an example, I cloned myself! Check it out ➑️ ➑️ ➑️


~ Jodie Cook, mentor and Coachvox AI founder

Here’s an example, I cloned myself! Check it out ⬇️ ⬇️ ⬇️


~ Jodie Cook, mentor and Coachvox AI founder

“It’s actually useful! I can go away and think, come back and message, then get an instant response. It’s the best of both worlds of coaching.”

~ Client of Jodie AI

Your Coachvox AI can:

βœ… Answer questions within your community

βœ… Provide 24/7 support to clients

βœ… Turn website visitors into leads

βœ… Help you respond to emails

Fully customizable AI for your requirements

Jodie AI has been trained to ask questions and hold space first, like a coach would. After that, Jodie AI will give specific advice based on the real Jodie’s content and training data. You can train your Coachvox AI to be a coach (ask questions), mentor (give answers) or a balance of the two.

Jodie AI has been trained to be a balance of empathetic and straight-talking. She will understand and show empathy before asking direct questions about the next steps. Your Coachvox AI can sit at either end of this spectrum, or in the middle.

Jodie AI has been trained to give short responses with one or two questions, like a back and forth coaching conversation. You can train your Coachvox AI to give longer or shorter responses.

Jodie AI has been trained to get straight into discussing challenges with clients. Your Coachvox AI could follow a specific onboarding workflow, where you take new clients through specific questions.

Jodie AI has been trained to keep understanding clients and helping them with their challenges. Your Coachvox AI can also do this, but it can also direct clients to a specific landing page or offer after a client has asked a specific question or fulfilled a certain set of criteria.

Jodie AI has no restrictions on how many interactions a client could have before signing up for an account. Your Coachvox AI could be unlimited, or you could restrict the number of responses that are given before a client needs to create an account or subscribe.

Configure your AI to sound just like you

This is just step one of seven:

Coach Mentor
Informal Formal
Short responses Long responses
Accepting Challenging
Empathetic Straight-talking
Serious Jovial

What if you could clone yourself?

Provide 24/7 access to your brain:

Add value to your audience

Charge for access

Generate leads

Upsell to clients or members

Help answer team questions or emails

Coachvox AI's 7-step training programme

Step 1

Set your voice, tone and style.

We configure the engine to use the main traits of your style, which it adopts immediately.

Now we're up and running!

Step 2

Personality and conversation flow

We then deepen the linguistic likeness, shaping elements such as vocabulary, sentence structure and how you hold conversations.

Step 3

Framing and onboarding

Here's where we work on how your AI onboards new users and frames their challenges in order to coach or mentor using your methods.

Step 4

Expertise and knowledge base

We feed the engine thousands of words of your content and other training information to create a comprehensive knowledge and skills bank.

Step 5

Prompts and completions

This is fundamental to the AI training. In this step we teach your Coachvox AI how to respond to questions in a real-life context.

Step 6

Fine tuning and feedback

Your Coachvox AI is conversationally proficient and almost ready. Now we're making sure it acts and converses just like you.

Step 7

Integration and customization

This is how we set your Coachvox AI up to achieve your business goals, whether it's a tool on your site, a chargeable service or for internal use.

Plans and pricing


Get straight in and build your AI
$ 99 per month
  • Full access to our training area
  • Hosting and data use included
  • Integrate your AI to use as you wish
  • Minimum 3 month term


Apply for our 6-week training programme
$ 3k one-off
  • Be fully guided through our AI training process
  • Join an exclusive, limited intake cohort
  • 6-week group training plus 1-to-1 sessions
  • One year hosting included ($99/month thereafter)


We manage the process and train your AI
$ 16k one-off
  • We set up and train your AI on your behalf
  • We turn your content into training data
  • Simply help us fine-tune the model
  • One year hosting included ($99/month thereafter)

For a limited time only....

We’re running our DONE WITH YOU option for the price of DO IT YOURSELF (no setup fee). Spaces are limited – join the waitlist to know when they become available.

How does Coachvox AI work?

Coachvox AI has developed a powerful and effective training methodology to create the most sentient and human-like experience yet.

Our AI engineers work on linguistic programming, developing an authentic coaching style, and upskilling your AI through instructive feedback loops.

The models are developed to your likeness and specification, creating a coaching experience you’re proud to provide to clients.

Pre-qualify clients before you work with them

Build familiarity with infinitely more people

Engage and add value 24/7

Use cases

πŸŒ€ Add value to members
No more answering the same questions from your members.

πŸŒ€ Keep in touch with clients
Support and guide them in between sessions.

πŸŒ€ Build familiarity
Get your audience used to having you by their side.

πŸŒ€ Convert prospects to enquiries
Direct them to resources and downloads.

πŸŒ€ Empower your team
Let them make decisions using your frameworks.